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Alcohol Store in New York, NY

Hudson Wine & Spirits Inc is the finest liquor, beer and wine store in New York, NY.


This is no ordinary shop. Our store brims with hand-selected products that represent the highest quality at any price. Our passionate staff has developed a keen sense of value through years of research and countless hours of tasting. We pride ourselves on the ability to cater to any budget and taste.


We're proud to offer many kinds of red and white wines of impressive vintages and you'll be able to find many kinds of local, domestic, and imported beers at our beer shop. Hudson Wine & Spirits Inc invites you to enjoy a wide variety of liquor, ranging from vodkas to single malt scotches, as well. You can also browse our cigarette shop for everything from menthol to cloves.


Those who are looking for great liquor store should contact us at the first opportunity.  We specialize in being your premier Alcohol Store, Liquor Store, Beer Store, Wine and Spirits Store, and more.


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  • Delivery Services
  • Competitive Prices
  • Finest Wines, Liquor & Beer Selection
  • Knowledgeable Staff


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